Week 3 – Artist – Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Plastic Trash Bags, Flowers, Ink Markers, Acrylic on Red Rosin Paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art (West Gallery)

Website: joshvasquez.com

Instagram: joshybehr


Josh is currently an Undergraduate student at Csulb in his 5th year in the BFA Painting and Drawing Program. Other then doing art and working on his Painting and Drawing pieces he also likes photography. Vasquez grew up in downtown LA  and started painting and drawing at a young age.

I enjoyed Josh’s Gallery that day, as you walk in to the gallery you just feel like your in this really cool and dark space. with the canvas all around the walls and the different flowers and flower pedals on the floor. I thought Josh’s work was fascinating. His use of dark colors gives it the feel of fear and darkness when viewing a piece or pieces. He also used many thick rounded lines and shapes which much contrast to the straighter, narrower ones in the piece. Also the curvy shapes he used primarily are very jagged which creates some intensity to his pieces. As people were talking to Josh and asking him Questions, it seemed like he did want to talk much, he seemed like a really quiet and shy dude. His answers were really short, but I respect that it didn’t bother me one bit. I wasent really shocked because his art pieces were really dark and had a cold feel to it which I loved so much, there was one piece I thought really amazed me that he drew on canvas. in my opinion Josh’s art explored the idea of life and death, the name Vida/Morte. In his artist statement, Josh said he “wanted to relate the materials of the artwork to the overall theme. he chose to think of the pieces as having a life span”.

You can really tell Josh put a lot of heart and time in to this project. I really enjoyed his work the most. I loved the feel and vibes I got from his work, it put me in place i like to be, I know its kind of weird but I like being put in that mindset and getting his feel on life and how he felt as that moment. The rough feel his paintings give with all his lines and shapes with his use of color only really using black, white and grey.



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