Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Micheal Vanoverbeck

Micheal Vanoverbeck, was a really cool guy. We actually talked for about 30 minutes just me him and classmate Marlin (week 7 classmate of the week). we hung out and just talked about his art and asked him different questions. He was really easy going and answered everything we asked him. One of the chairs  in the gallery was a chair he built for his mom. Its and adjustable chair that customizes to your size. It took him approximately 200 hours to build.

Micheal sells his pieces through word of mouth, he just started using social media and is currently making a website for his work. Micheal could build literally anything and has built literally everything. From bathrooms, kitchen remodeling, dressers, beds, tables etc. He currently works at el camino college as a substitute wood shop teacher since 1994. He lives in Gardena Memorial Hospital.

His inspirations are Sam Maloof and Jack Selph, Jack Selph is the woodworking instructor at El Camino. His favorite piece he ever created was a bookcase he made a few years ago for a children’s bookstore. the bookcase had a lot of designs and curves on it. The most hours he spent on a piece was 250 total hours. Micheals first piece he created was a chess board 20 years ago.



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