Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Marlon Fernandes

I met Marlon as we were doing our artist conversation, we were the only 2 dudes interviewing the artist. Marlon is from Washington Dc. He lived in Kuwait, Saudi for 16 years and went to a private school. He came to Cali, and then went to Artesia High for 2 years. This is his 5th year at Csulb, he is a consumer affairs major and switched majors at least 5 times (I know how he feels). Marlons favorite food is Sushi he referred me to Mamas Sushi on Lakewood Blvd, we also have both eaten at Joes Sushi which we both agree was pretty good. Favorite color is Blue.

Weirdest thing about Marlon is that Every morning he eats Dry corn flakes and dry oatmeal with lemon juice on the side (which I thought was wired Af). Hobbies are fishing, hiking really likes to do adventurous things. Its been 8 years since his been back in Saudi. His mom has an airline job so his basically traveled everywhere, the places he hasn’t seen that he really wants to go to is Thailand and Australia. Marlon graduates this May and will continue his Masters which he has already started, should take him about another year and a half. In 5 years he sees himself moving to Tampa,Florida after he graduates. He really wants to live there for the law enforcement over there and the great fishing.

link- https://mbferns.wordpress.com/



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