Week 9 – Art Experience – Pastel Swoops

My name is Pastel Swoops, Im 136 years old. I was born in a forest in the small village of Liberache. its a small village in a small city called Dutchman in a small state called SWalee in a big planet called Mars. I was born and raised in Swalee, I play the piaxophonebone, its a Piano, saxophone and a trombone all in one instrument. My father taught me how to play when I was a kid, I think I was in 17th grade if I remember. Liberache is great place where anyone can do whatever their mind thinks of. Anything cool and creative can be done all you have to do is follow your dreams, there are no boundaries.  Any goal possible can be achieved. My life long goal was to be an Egg just a regular white egg. Im so happy i’ve achieved that. it wasn’t easy, my parents hated the idea of it and didn’t get it, but I knew that I understood the qualities and knew how much being an egg ment to me in my life. sometimes you just have to live YOUR life not anyone else’s. My life consists of getting nice massages on the pan every morning. I love that feeling of just waking up and getting a nice little massage work out. Then dipping myself in some nice hot sauce. The good thing about me is i’m very versatile i can be eaten and cooked any many ways. my life is great and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I do my hometown Liberache but I know i’m doing what I love in life, so this lifestyle is worth every sEGGcond 🙂

Here are my other  Freggiends









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