Week 9 – Artist Conversation – William Brigham

Artist: William Brigham

Exhibition: Altered Carbon

Media: Metals, Wood, Brass

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: None

Instagram: @theartificery

Will was a really nice dude, we talked for about 30 min on Thursday. Will describes himself as a “maker” he uses his hand to create objects. He is great with metal, wood, and stone. “Too often today, distortion and manipulation are confused in all fields of art”. Will is great with making blades, thats his specialty. He aid he doesn’t really use his blades, his used them once to chop wood. A friend of his skinned a big with one of his blades, he said that friend is now his testing buddy that uses his pieces to test out the sharpness. His specialty has become kitchen knives.

What got Will started, was that creating these pieces just looked like so much fun to him. His been working with Damascus steel for 4-5 years and did has been working on brass for about a year now. He can make 3 really nice looking blades for around $40. He currently sold his best blade for $1800 (Image 1 below). The guy buying the blade is a son gifting this this antic blade to his father,  knowing he would love the knife. As much as he loves doing this he knows he should probably move on to restoration work with antics and stuff.

As I was taking notes and asking Will Questions, a student asked him if he may take a picture with him he very kindly said no he doesn’t like pictures, the student then said can I just take a picture of you then, he kindly again said no. Will said the pictures should be more for the art and not the artist. I’ve never seen someone deny a photo so properly and kindly in my life lol.

Will doesn’t mind working on jewelry but his not a huge fan of it because its so mainstream no days. He likes Japanese style knives he has a middle eastern influence in his cuts. Will has own little welding studio in Long Beach where we creates the majority of his pieces. His studio is actually a storage unit that his parents use, he convinced them to get one and for him to use while still using it to keep some of their items. He said he hopes his parents still lets him use the space once he graduates college this year, he hasn’t talked to them about keeping it yet, he hopes they say yes.  Will is currently working on his website to sell his cool amazing pieces.


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