Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback

My 3 Fav art experiences this semester was Graffiti art, Instagram, Cuisine. I really enjoyed the Graffiti Art the most because I love using paint and drawing, especially spray paint. I actually ended up keeping the Piece and hung it up on my wall, even though the wood itself weighs like 10 pounds. The cuisine was also fun because I made the fruits with my mom and we bonded over it, she loves to cook so she taught me a few things. The instagram was also fun because I made sure to take cool pictures that day, I always tell myself to take more pictures in life because i never do, but I ended up taking really cool pictures and kept them all.

My 3 least fav experiences were geocaching, Group video, Automatic Drawing. I didn’t enjoy the geocaching because it was really hard for me to do and I didn’t really know how to do it. Same thing with the Automatic drawing, I didn’t really know how to do that i tried it with my sister and it just took to long and was really ugly and difficult to do lol. the group video was cool because we made it really funny and Glenn showed it to the class so I guess we did something right!

Feedback- I think this class is amazingggg I enjoyed it so much. I wouldn’t make any  changes to the course. This was one of the few classes that I actually liked going to. I think this class is fun and perfect and wouldn’t really change anything about it. My favorite part of the class was Thursdays, going to the gallery, I thought they were really amazing and talking to the artist were really inspirational. Every week you don’t really know what to expect and it was kind of a surprise so it would be cool, I also enjoyed the Student conversations every week. If it weren’t for the student conversations majority of the class wouldnt really talk to each other or know each other. It was really cool getting to know my classmates and knowing what their interests are and getting along with all of them.



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