Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Meng chu

Moved from Taiwan to San Francisco 5 years ago, With his family then moved here to Long Beach by himself for college. Meng is Currently a Junior going to graduate it 2 years. He is a Computer science major. Favorite color is Black. His favorite food  is Japanese food, pasta, and pizza, basically anything with cheese. favorite sport is Basketball and loves the Warriors. Hobbies is Basketball and video games on his Playstation 4 and Pc. His excited for the new Captain America movie and likes Marvel more then Dc. Meng is planning to go to Hawaii in the summer and currently lives with his friends in Cerritos.
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Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies
Media: paper, printing inks, screens, chemicals, transparencies, litho stone etc
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: None

Nancy Young is graduating from CSULB with a BFA in Printmaking this semester. She attended CSULB in the earlier in her career, but at the time she was going thru drug abuse issues, and bipolar disorder and was put on academic probation because her problems effected her grades and Gpa. It took her a while to come back and get her things together. She is grateful for the opportunity to come back and still have the chance to accomplish what she came her to do from the start. She enrolled in Roxanne Sexauer’s “History of Prints” course, and from there, she grew a huge interest in printmaking and entered a printmaking class where she participated in a smattering of printmaking processes. From there she was hooked on printmaking and knew thats what she wanted to do.

Her exhibition, As The Crow Flies, was chosen because she traveled to different parts of Southern California for art workshops, shows, and classes to improve her artwork. Her art work had many different textures by sheets of canvas to a little sheet of metal that was put into acid to have a design. Most of the pieces had birds eye views of certain locations from California State University all the way to her home city. i thought that was really cool and creative and you getting to see her view on things was really amazing. The colors and shade that were used were black, silver or grey and white to make it look dull. You could tell from her different pieces that she has had lots of practice and patients with her art.

Nancy explained that her artworks up to this point has been related to her dogs, grief and loss from loosing her husband, whom she lost nine years ago. They all deal with images in her mind. She believes that getting inspiration from the internet is not a good idea because other people may be inspired by those same things.The crow is symbolic of death and departure – correlating with Young’s grief and loss. She also relates that the crow often flies around to get places, and thus learns from its experiences.Nancy had the opportunity to check out workshops in many places such as Santa Ana, Irvine, San Pedro, and Santa Monica. She enjoys attending those workshops because she can get tips from other people. and get her mind of things and just do what she loves.

Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit. This was probably in my top 3 or 4 galleries of the year. I appreciate Nancy Young for speaking about her past and being so open about all her drug problems and talking about her personal life and being very specific about things and very genuine. She helped me understand her work and what she was going through and just seeing her different pieces really inspired me. she explained perfectly how each piece was made and what tools she used in the process. I can tell that Nancy is doing what she loves, she came from a really dark place in her life and she really turned it around. Such a great story and seeing how she has evolved as a true artist.




Week 14 – Art Experience – Japanese Garden

This week we met at the japanese Garden on campus. This was my first time ever going, I actually didn’t even know we had a Japanese Garden until this week. Its so sick Im definitely telling all my friends about it. Im def going to be going more often since I park right there everyday. Its so pretty and relaxing. I didn’t take that many photos, I put pictures on my my story but I forgot to save them only ended up keeping a couple.I really enjoyed getting away from the normal routine we have as a class and being able to get in touch with nature. Even though im a horrible drawer i tried my best at making some good sketches.



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Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback

My 3 Fav art experiences this semester was Graffiti art, Instagram, Cuisine. I really enjoyed the Graffiti Art the most because I love using paint and drawing, especially spray paint. I actually ended up keeping the Piece and hung it up on my wall, even though the wood itself weighs like 10 pounds. The cuisine was also fun because I made the fruits with my mom and we bonded over it, she loves to cook so she taught me a few things. The instagram was also fun because I made sure to take cool pictures that day, I always tell myself to take more pictures in life because i never do, but I ended up taking really cool pictures and kept them all.

My 3 least fav experiences were geocaching, Group video, Automatic Drawing. I didn’t enjoy the geocaching because it was really hard for me to do and I didn’t really know how to do it. Same thing with the Automatic drawing, I didn’t really know how to do that i tried it with my sister and it just took to long and was really ugly and difficult to do lol. the group video was cool because we made it really funny and Glenn showed it to the class so I guess we did something right!

Feedback- I think this class is amazingggg I enjoyed it so much. I wouldn’t make any  changes to the course. This was one of the few classes that I actually liked going to. I think this class is fun and perfect and wouldn’t really change anything about it. My favorite part of the class was Thursdays, going to the gallery, I thought they were really amazing and talking to the artist were really inspirational. Every week you don’t really know what to expect and it was kind of a surprise so it would be cool, I also enjoyed the Student conversations every week. If it weren’t for the student conversations majority of the class wouldnt really talk to each other or know each other. It was really cool getting to know my classmates and knowing what their interests are and getting along with all of them.


Extra Credit – The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

“The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens,” was really awesome article showing some of its biggest stars, many of them who have made serious money through their blogs, and examining how Tumblr is so different from the “mainstream” social media.

While teens on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube build up their followings by turning themselves and their lives into digital open books, sharing as many personal images and details as possible to the world. Tumblr users become success stories by basically doing the opposite. It’s a network that thrives on anonymity, according to Reeve. “You don’t tell people your Tumblr URL, you aren’t logging the banalities of your day,  you aren’t even you,” Reeve writes. “On Tumblr, you can revel in anonymity, say whatever you want without fear of it going on your permanent record.”

I didn’t realize how much serious money goes in to a popular tumblr account. I just always thought tumblr was just for really cool pictures with basic profiles and stuff and people would reblog your pictures if they really like it. I think its great that the internet has become so popular that people can make money of social media accounts. So you can basically make a living of just using your computer/phone and being really creative and basically being yourself. So many people of instgram that are “instagram famous” make like $1000 a post from some company or even make money of advertisements posting an advertisement. I know a lot of people that hate on that though like “why are they making that much money of that, their not even doing anything with no skills” I just respect the hustle if you can get away with doing that and making good money of posting instagram advertisements or tweeting then thats dope.

That amount of less information that tumblr uses is what makes Tumblr users so successful. “To grow a following on Tumblr beyond people you know, you have to post more than updates on your personal life, you need stuff that will resonate with strangers,” Reeve writes. And apparently the stuff that resonates tends to be far from the humble brags that dominate the likes of Instagram. “A decade of trend pieces has deemed millennial to be narcissists, but Tumblr humor for this generation is self deprecating and anti aspirational,” Reeve notes. “Being a social outcast can make you a better social observer of the gap between our real selves and our public image.” I thought Reeves was right on the money with that quote, I never really thought about it in those terms of social media.

I really enjoyed this article a lot, it was definitely a long read but it was really interesting and really gave me a new perspective of social media and all the crazy things that comes with it. I think this is only the beginning to be honest, I think its going to just expand and get bigger even though it already huge and probably 95% of all teens have a social media account and probably multiple different accounts. All my friends have everything from Fb, Twitter, Instagram at the least. Thats not including Tumblr, Youtube, Tinder, Vine, linkedIn, Flickr, etc.

week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Leon Phung

leonI met Leon this week, he was a super chill dude. Were both almost exactly the same Major his Civil engineer Major and is currently a sophomore. He is originally form Vietnam and moved to Westminister when he was 14 years old. Leon’s favorite food is steak, his favorite color is blue. His hobby is paint balling his favorite arena is in corona that he enjoys going to. Leon isn’t really in to sports. This summer Leon is taking a Bio class, he then wants to travel in the summer once he finishes the course. after college Leon would love to move out somewhere near the beach.

Week 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No website

Instagram: nickbamf4d

I thought this was the coolest gallery i’ve seen this semester in my opinion. Nick Bamford is currently an undergraduate at Long Beach State working on his BFA for the Ceramics program.Nick grew up in Huntington Beach where he first discovered his passion for art. In high school, when he took his first art class which was ceramics is when he realized his love for art. Nick always enjoyed art when he was younger and knew that when he grew older he knew he wanted to follow his dream and make some really cool projects. Nicks said his art works explore the idea of taking different items from their original context and putting them into a different form of context. He also loves using black light and wonders why its not used more often. he always likes trying new things in his art pieces.

His art work is filled with different types of materials. Most of the objects are like things that he found and his own objects that he has are his. He has different shapes and colors in his pieces. The object that stands out the most are the neon lights he incorporated into his art work. The neon lights gives hies art a really cool and fun feeling. He really likes the neon lights that’s why he decide to put them in his art piece.

Nicks work is really creative to me you can look at his work from all different angles and it looks different from every point of view. You can also tell that Nicks puts a lot of time and effort in to his pieces, he doesn’t just create it in a few weeks or something they all take time and have so many different things to it. but it’s just a sculpture of random stuff that can mean so much. He was proud to say that he wanted to try something new and do an art exhibit in the dark and he was the first to accomplish it which I thought was pretty amazing.

I think Nicks art work is amazing and unique any many ways. His art just seems so simple and versatile. Nicks expression are very free and he seemed like a real cool and relaxed person, someone that I can see as my friend. I really enjoyed the neon lights that bring his art to life and I think it makes it look really cool and fun.

Week 13- Artist Conversation- Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: Canvas, paper, ink, watercolor, acrylic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: letealeaf

Tiffany is currently studying for her MFA degree at Lb State. Ms. Le was born and raised right here in Garden Grove, California, and  She has been interested in art since she was  around three years old.  Her mom noticed her drawing pictures from her cereal boxes as a kid. Tiffany talked about her family’s heritage, she’s from Vietnam. She was heavily influenced by her life as she was born in the States.

Tiffany uses canvas and printed paper in her art gallery, she also made really cool boats. Ms. Le is really versatile, I was actually amazed when I saw her gallery she has so many cool things going on at the same time. She also used LED lights, watercolor, Alyric, ink and charcoal. She uses Black in some of her pieces to show her dark feelings that she felt at that moment in time.

Tiffany’s work is based off of what her family has explained to  her about their experiences in Vietnam. She uses those stories in her art work, you can clearly see it. She said she was trying to portray her experiences because most of them are not talked about. Ms. Le believes people have forgotten what most Vietnam refugees had to go through.

I really loved this art exhibit this week. Definitely one of my favorite art galleries this year. Also getting to know Tiffany Le was really cool, she was a really sweet lady that had a lot to share, she didn’t back down from anything and see,ed like a very strong and smart women. She really inspired me and showed me that we should be more connected to our backgrounds and where we come from and really knowing and understudying the history, and understanding our families history.  Her story of how she was inspired by events in her family members lives, was really cool to me. I was really in to her history stories of the Vietnam War.

Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Alyssa Castro

Met Alyssa and Jess outside the gallery, they were the first 2 people I saw that walked out the gallery after I did. They were super nice and chill. They both live at the Hillside Dorms, thats how they both met each other <3. Their both Freshman. Alyssa is from Victorville and Jess is from New Jersey (not near Jersey Shore lol). Alyssa’s Favorite food is tacos and fav color is green. Her drink of preference at Starbucks is Black Tea. Her hobbies is drawing when she’s not working or at school. Alyssa’s a Political Science major. She’s going back home for spring break and is NOT about the Sorority lyfeeeeeeee.

art2 Kodak Momentssss with mahhhh bethesttt fwiendssssssssss

Week 10 -Art Experience – Instagram

Insta Account- drew6164

Friday was my first day of spring break, had to start the first day off with a bang. I had all my friends come over to my house we sipped a couple brews and watched the March Madness Games and the Laker game (Die Hard Laker Fan). After the games were over I met up with some of my friends from Uci and Ucla and the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, one of my favorite places in La to hang out at. Ended up having a great night with some old friends who were finishing their spring breaks.