Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil pastel, Ink prints,

Gallery: Gastov West Gallery

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Helen Werner Cox showed her “Silent Screams”artwork at CSULB. Cox is graduating this spring and during her time here. Helen is originally from the east coast I can kind of tell by her accent. She’s specifically from Boston, Massachusetts.Ms. Cox moved here to Southern California in 1988, and start teaching a middle school at North Long Beach. After she have retired, she enrolled into the graduate art school here in CSULB. i found that really interesting and cool that a women of her age can just go back to school for something she truly loves.

I noticed from her exhibition that one of her big interests are carousels and horses. She said she was never really in to them when she was kid, she just randomly liked sketching them. she is fascinated by how they look and their function. The merry-go-round at Griffith Park played a large role in this inspiration. She’s interested in the wholeness of an image. with her lighting and shapes.  Helens work is inspired by the works of Goya and Paula Rego and all their images.


Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – RaVen Montgomery

This week my Classmate conversation was RaVen Montgomery. I came to class kind of late on thursday, so by the time I finished my artist conversation there wasn’t that many student left. I ran in to her in the gallery as we were the only 2 people in there. Raven is a sophomore and is a technical theatre major. She is thinking about minoring in film for audio production. Raven loves music a lot,  She has always been interested in theater and artistic design. Her hobbies include making fun short  films, drawing and painting, and taking pictures. She spends most of her time at school doing theatre and watching Netflix when ever she gets the chance. Overall I had a great time having a chat with RaVen while we looked at this awesome art this week. Raven doesn’t have a favorite color, her favorite food is pizza and favorite sport is basketball. She played basketball for 7 years. as I said earlier she is a huge music fan and has been to lots and lots and lots of concerts. Ravens favorites are black bear, superduperkyle and chance the rapper, she also listens to a lot of bands.


Week 9 – Artist Conversation – William Brigham

Artist: William Brigham

Exhibition: Altered Carbon

Media: Metals, Wood, Brass

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: None

Instagram: @theartificery

Will was a really nice dude, we talked for about 30 min on Thursday. Will describes himself as a “maker” he uses his hand to create objects. He is great with metal, wood, and stone. “Too often today, distortion and manipulation are confused in all fields of art”. Will is great with making blades, thats his specialty. He aid he doesn’t really use his blades, his used them once to chop wood. A friend of his skinned a big with one of his blades, he said that friend is now his testing buddy that uses his pieces to test out the sharpness. His specialty has become kitchen knives.

What got Will started, was that creating these pieces just looked like so much fun to him. His been working with Damascus steel for 4-5 years and did has been working on brass for about a year now. He can make 3 really nice looking blades for around $40. He currently sold his best blade for $1800 (Image 1 below). The guy buying the blade is a son gifting this this antic blade to his father,  knowing he would love the knife. As much as he loves doing this he knows he should probably move on to restoration work with antics and stuff.

As I was taking notes and asking Will Questions, a student asked him if he may take a picture with him he very kindly said no he doesn’t like pictures, the student then said can I just take a picture of you then, he kindly again said no. Will said the pictures should be more for the art and not the artist. I’ve never seen someone deny a photo so properly and kindly in my life lol.

Will doesn’t mind working on jewelry but his not a huge fan of it because its so mainstream no days. He likes Japanese style knives he has a middle eastern influence in his cuts. Will has own little welding studio in Long Beach where we creates the majority of his pieces. His studio is actually a storage unit that his parents use, he convinced them to get one and for him to use while still using it to keep some of their items. He said he hopes his parents still lets him use the space once he graduates college this year, he hasn’t talked to them about keeping it yet, he hopes they say yes.  Will is currently working on his website to sell his cool amazing pieces.

Week 9 – Art Experience – Pastel Swoops

My name is Pastel Swoops, Im 136 years old. I was born in a forest in the small village of Liberache. its a small village in a small city called Dutchman in a small state called SWalee in a big planet called Mars. I was born and raised in Swalee, I play the piaxophonebone, its a Piano, saxophone and a trombone all in one instrument. My father taught me how to play when I was a kid, I think I was in 17th grade if I remember. Liberache is great place where anyone can do whatever their mind thinks of. Anything cool and creative can be done all you have to do is follow your dreams, there are no boundaries.  Any goal possible can be achieved. My life long goal was to be an Egg just a regular white egg. Im so happy i’ve achieved that. it wasn’t easy, my parents hated the idea of it and didn’t get it, but I knew that I understood the qualities and knew how much being an egg ment to me in my life. sometimes you just have to live YOUR life not anyone else’s. My life consists of getting nice massages on the pan every morning. I love that feeling of just waking up and getting a nice little massage work out. Then dipping myself in some nice hot sauce. The good thing about me is i’m very versatile i can be eaten and cooked any many ways. my life is great and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I do my hometown Liberache but I know i’m doing what I love in life, so this lifestyle is worth every sEGGcond 🙂

Here are my other  Freggiends








Week 8 – Classmate Conversation -Elizabeth Moledo

I met Elizabeth, a few classes ago. We ran in to each other during the artist conversation and decided to do our classmate conversation on each other this week. She’s from Huntington Beach, and went to Edison High in HB. Her hobbies are snowboarding and anything beach related. Favorite color is pink, favorite food is sushi. Her drink of choice at Starbucks is a Passion fruit tea. Her major is Fashion merchandising and is currently a Sophomore. Her favorite class this semester is Fmd 251, which is one of her fashion classes.Elizabeth owns 2 bunnies at home and is going to Hawaii this summer. She loves traveling and spending time with her boy friend. She is currently planning his 21st Birthday for him and wants to rent out a house in Newport beach for him and his friends. In 5 years Elizabeth wants to hopefully be married and settled down in Newport and hopefully graduated.

WordPress: https://elizabethmoledo.wordpress.com/




Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

, Website: None

Instagram: brijoy 


Bri Joy is an OC Coast transfer, she is majoring in screen printing. Screen Sprinting is a 3 year old program at LB state and she’s been in it all 3 years, she is graduating in this May with her BFA degree in the School of Art’s Printmaking Program. Bri seemed like a very interesting and cool girl.

She is from Modjeska Canyon, California, which is a small town in the Santa Ana mountains, which has limited cell phone service, the city also has a very small population. Bri says she comes from a town where everyone knows each other (which she loved about it) She said her K- 6 Elementary School had 100 kids in the whole school and it was really hard for her to adjust. She said coming from the wilderness it was a culture shock for her moving to the OC at such an old age. Her hobbies are surfing, snowboarding, hiking and skating. Bri’s full name is Briana. She wants to make her full website after she graduates. Her ideas are her merging her past and present. Trying to bring both worlds together.

Bfk is the type of Paper she uses, she usually gets 2 rolls of them when she starts a project. Her screen printing works in different ways, she sometimes uses an aluminum utensil type of frame.  The piece she is most proud of is “Circumvent”, she thinks the line consistency and how close the lines creates a type of feel to her piece and looks like a bit of grey. She wants to start using grey more in her art because grey line structure with white and black can really play with the human eye.art 1art2


Week 7 – Art Experience – Video Activity

This video activity was pretty fun. I did it with Marlon, he was my classmate conversation of the week. i literally just met him and we were like “hey wanna just work on the video right now after class he said sure”. We wanted to show what to and what not to do in a gallery/museum, we should have probably not sat on some of those pieces but it was the spur of the moment and we thought it would be really funny. we recorded this of an Iphone. Enjoy 🙂



Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Marlon Fernandes

I met Marlon as we were doing our artist conversation, we were the only 2 dudes interviewing the artist. Marlon is from Washington Dc. He lived in Kuwait, Saudi for 16 years and went to a private school. He came to Cali, and then went to Artesia High for 2 years. This is his 5th year at Csulb, he is a consumer affairs major and switched majors at least 5 times (I know how he feels). Marlons favorite food is Sushi he referred me to Mamas Sushi on Lakewood Blvd, we also have both eaten at Joes Sushi which we both agree was pretty good. Favorite color is Blue.

Weirdest thing about Marlon is that Every morning he eats Dry corn flakes and dry oatmeal with lemon juice on the side (which I thought was wired Af). Hobbies are fishing, hiking really likes to do adventurous things. Its been 8 years since his been back in Saudi. His mom has an airline job so his basically traveled everywhere, the places he hasn’t seen that he really wants to go to is Thailand and Australia. Marlon graduates this May and will continue his Masters which he has already started, should take him about another year and a half. In 5 years he sees himself moving to Tampa,Florida after he graduates. He really wants to live there for the law enforcement over there and the great fishing.

link- https://mbferns.wordpress.com/


Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Micheal Vanoverbeck

Micheal Vanoverbeck, was a really cool guy. We actually talked for about 30 minutes just me him and classmate Marlin (week 7 classmate of the week). we hung out and just talked about his art and asked him different questions. He was really easy going and answered everything we asked him. One of the chairs  in the gallery was a chair he built for his mom. Its and adjustable chair that customizes to your size. It took him approximately 200 hours to build.

Micheal sells his pieces through word of mouth, he just started using social media and is currently making a website for his work. Micheal could build literally anything and has built literally everything. From bathrooms, kitchen remodeling, dressers, beds, tables etc. He currently works at el camino college as a substitute wood shop teacher since 1994. He lives in Gardena Memorial Hospital.

His inspirations are Sam Maloof and Jack Selph, Jack Selph is the woodworking instructor at El Camino. His favorite piece he ever created was a bookcase he made a few years ago for a children’s bookstore. the bookcase had a lot of designs and curves on it. The most hours he spent on a piece was 250 total hours. Micheals first piece he created was a chess board 20 years ago.


Week 5 – Artist Conversation -Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join To Form a Single Entity

Media: Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art (West Gallery)

Instagram: @elll_tigre

Tony was a really nice guy, he seemed very shy and timid. I loved his positivity and how he answered all the questions with respect. Tony said he gets inspired by everyday life, and just from what he sees. Nguyen is from Gardena, Ca and was born here. He took 2 semesters making all the Armor. He got in to school for painting and drawing and then realized it wasn’t really his thing so he went to illustration then a year later  realized he loved ceramics and wood instead. Whats next for Tony is he wants to go to Ucsd for his MFA.

Tony’s bread and butter is metal, his so talented at it. The specific detail in his work is amazing. Their is so much detail ad some of his metal pieces are so small. Thats what fascinated me the most. Some of the pieces I saw I never thought id see in a college gallery I would’t have even think of making that.